30kw 40HP 220V 60Hz Oil Free Vortex Silent Air Compressor

30kw 40hp 220v 60hz Oil Cost-free Vortex Silent Air CZPT

We are your specialist provider of CZPT and spare parts.

7 positive aspects
A new era of healthcare oil-free of charge scroll CZPTs, seven benefits are strongly upgraded
High longevity
CZPTed aluminum alloy substance, particular die casting
Method higher temperature, high stress with out deformation desk
Particular hardened floor, a lot more wear-resistant particular
Seal ring of special materials and procedures, with
With wear resistance and self-payment function, life
Cleanse and oil-cost-free
No lubrication is necessary when the solution is running
Oil, compressed fuel “” quality with out oil.
Tremendous silent
Suction and exhaust are stable and high frequency
Movement pulsation is really modest, employing centrifugal acquire
The place optimizes the air duct and minimizes sound.
Straightforward maintenance
There are number of elements, no sporting elements, no routine maintenance,
High volumetric performance, vitality preserving, no oily squander
H2o drainage therapy.
Harsh atmosphere
Vast application assortment, vast temperature and substantial altitude
typical operation.
smart control
Fully automatic programmable HMI management, genuine
Now the greatest operation and vitality preserving
Barrier computerized chain.
Personalised customization
Provide customers with two.2kw ~ 37kw
Total gasoline supply remedy

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Our fields of Specialty:


  • CZPT
  • air dryer, air tank, line filters
  • screw air finish factor mend
  • CZPT Seal        Temperature Sensor        Pressure Sensor
    Maintenance Kits       Solenoid Valve                  Thermostatic Valve
    Air intake Valve          Pressure Maintaining        Valve Wheel Gear
    Air CZPT                       Oil Separator                      Oil CZPT 
    Oil Level Indicator       Circuit Board & Master Controller

CZPT oil-free scroll air finish
CZPTed aluminum alloy material, particular casting procedure to make sure that the high-temperature and higher-force dynamic and static disks are not deformed and leak-totally free
Innovatively made self-compensating self-lubricating sealing ring with a lifestyle span of 10,000 several hours and a more time maintenance period
All imported substantial-precision dynamic balancing equipment, CZPTs can carry on to operate at high speeds, and the air volume is elevated by 15%.

CZPT CZPT belongs to the basic tools group, and is extensively employed in steel, electric powered electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electronics, textile, mining, chemical, petroleum, light-weight business, paper printing, equipment manufacturing, meals and medication, transportation services, casting spraying, and transport terminals , CZPT industry, armed forces technological innovation, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields.

Software subject
The compressor’s compression chamber does not have any grease, and the compressed gasoline is clear and air pollution-free of charge. Pure oil-free fuel to meet the gasoline supply requirements of industries this kind of as health care, foodstuff, laboratory, precision electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive painting, gasoline separation equipment (adsorption and membrane separation oxygen manufacturing, nitrogen creation)

Lower electrical power intake, vitality preserving and environmental safety
The operating price is extremely low, saving you tens of hundreds of electrical energy each yr

Minimal sounds, peaceful and environmentally helpful
Lower noise, low power usage, in line with the new idea of environmental protection, 56-69 dB, ideal for evening business office and laboratory use, reduced vibration

Zero emissions, inexperienced and environmental protection
The air system is free of oil, water and carbon air pollution, and is cleaner. Following filtration, it can meet the needs of sterility, which satisfies the GMP certification of the health-related gadget pharmaceutical market

Upkeep-free of charge for 2-3 years, reduce price
No sporting areas, lower routine maintenance expense, only need to maintain and clear the air filter

Vortex (Vortex), also recognized as vortex, refers to a movement phenomenon in which a cylinder with a modest radius rotates in a stationary fluid, causing the surrounding fluid to move in a round motion. There is a dense region of vorticity inside of the vortex, known as the vortex core, whose motion is related to the rotation of a rigid physique. The vortex fashioned by flowing water is named a vortex, and the vortex shaped by the environment may possibly kind a tropical cyclone or twister. Vortex is an essential flow phenomenon in the movement around the plane, which has an important impact on the aerodynamic attributes of the plane (see wing aerodynamic traits and fuselage aerodynamic traits).
CZPTal safety CZPTal safety is referred to as environmental security. CZPTal defense (environmental protection) includes a extensive assortment and strong comprehensiveness. It requires a lot of fields of all-natural and social sciences, as effectively as its special research objects. CZPTal protection methods include: adopting administrative, authorized, economic, scientific and technological, non-governmental voluntary environmental defense corporations, and so forth., rational use of all-natural sources to avert environmental air pollution and destruction, in buy to achieve sustainable growth of the natural surroundings and the human surroundings and financial atmosphere To broaden the replica of beneficial methods and ensure social growth.

Item Manufacturer

CZPT import innovative technology from CZPTe, through continuous apply and improvement, design a new generation of “CZPT” CZPT.
Enhanced good quality assurance manual, superior manufacturing procedure, handle management plan data files complete, CZPTized, ensuring large top quality model title products “CZPT”, stable and durable. Substantial good quality, intimate services get the praise from consumers all in excess of the entire world.

Why use CZPT screw CZPT?

one.  we are air compressor factory, quality and deliver time is under control, compessor colour, logo, voltage, pressure , motor can CZPT.

2. Monthly output capacity is 1500set machine, CZPT has been recognized by the market

three. All English CZPT data and manual .

4.  24hours After-sale service. 

five.  our own factory, visit factory on anytime you want.

six.  Top quality spare parts
A.   Air filter:  air filter, Dust removal effect 99.ninety nine%, work good under bad enviroment
B.   Oil filter: Oil filter with glass fiber filter material with spin on type, the filtration effect is 20% higher than the conventional filter element
C.  Air / oil separator: Large-capacity design, high-quality air and oil separation, three time oil and gas separation, oil content below 2ppm
D.  Thermostat valve:  Prevent the temperature of the lubricant from being too high make oil emulsification or too low make oil carbon deposit
, Guaranteed long-term use of lubricating oil and good sealing performance

7.  energy saving and environmental protection , especially the CZPT machine / Two stage machine, 50HP for example:
When the air demand becomes small, the air compressor frequency is automatically reduced, the power sequentially reduced 50HP to 40HP to 30HP,20hp…. 
When the air gas demand becomes larger, the frequency of the air compressor automatically increases, the power is sequentially increased 30HP to 40HP to  50HP…

eight.  CZPT machine is good at Power saving, and Saving electricity bills, 37kw /50HP for example (energy saving 20% -25% )
37kw * 20% * 22hours one day * 312 days one year * us$ 0.15 kw/h (electricity cost) = us$ 7619.00 / year
our  inverter compressor machine can save us$ 7619.00 each year for you of the electricity cost

The place you use?

Merchandise parameters

Company Info

Company Profile—–CZPT

   CZPT  CZPT Co., Ltd was set up in 2000.  We are a Hi-Techcompany .
specialised in research, development, manufacture and distribution of Air compressor spare areas.
    Expect produceing CZPT alternative spare parts , we also supply the maintemance of CZPT .
    In 2017, we developed screw CZPT factory in HangZhou metropolis, ZheJiang province, it’s the hometown of my boss.
and we get the help from goverment. our very first brand name is “CZPT”


Our Services

 All the compressor elements CZPT is certain 1 year
 A full quotation as your required will be provided in 24 several hours
Provider 24 hours a day ,six times a week 
Accept your distinct get and do every thing we can do to satisfy your requirement                                                    

Q1: How can I get the quotation?
A: You can suggest us the portion quantity for checking, and we will estimate to you before long by email.
Q2:What sort of methods for transportation ?
A:In common by air, sea or Categorical.(like DHL,Fedex,TNT,etc.)
Q3:How do I know the top quality of productions?
A:We have a strict series of top quality handle, and we have perfect after provider program, which can aid you to solve the problem quickly
Q4: If i want to change model,size,bundle,and so on. How can I do?
A:You can make contact with us and we will revise according to your necessity
Q5:What is the conditions of payment ?
A:  L/C, T/T,  Paypal(want 5% paypal payment) in progress.
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30kw 40HP 220V 60Hz Oil Free Vortex Silent Air Compressor