40bar High Pressure Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor

                            40bar Substantial Force Reciprocating Air CZPT 
1&period of time Principal knowledge

Model Air capability
Operating force
Power&lparKw&rpar Velocity&lparr&periodp&periodm&rpar Fat&lparKg&rpar
  VH-&period7&sol30   &period7 30bar seven&period5 680 310
  WH-one&period0&sol30   1&period0  11   600  430
  WH-one&period2&sol30   1&period2  15   760  350
  WH-one&period5&sol30   1&period5  18&period5  790  520
  WH-two&period0&sol30   2&period0  22  670  610
  WH-2&period35&sol30   2&period35  25  760  620
  2-WH-3&period0&sol30   3&period0  2&ast18&period5  790  1150
  3-WH-3&period6&sol30   3&period6  3&ast15  700  1580
  VH-&period3&sol40   0&period3 40BAR         5&period5  500  290
  WH-1&period0&sol40  1&period0  11  790  470
52SH-2&period0&sol40 two&period0 22 735 660
  49SH-2&period6&sol40  2&period6   25  625  900
   49SH-3&period0&sol40  3&period0   30  695  920
  2-49SH-six&period0&sol40   6&period0  2&ast30  695  2100
  4-WH-four&period0&sol40  4&period0  4&ast11  790  2400
  6-WH-6&period0&sol40  6&period0  6&ast11  790  3600 

 If these are not what you require&comma you can give us the exhaust strain&comma displacement&comma use and some other needs of the CZPT&comma We will custom made for you&period
two&period Characteristic of CZPT&colon
one&period of time Gentle alloy piston effectively minimizes weight and reduces mechanical power usage&interval
2&periodCast iron cylinder heads&comma and impartial seat improve the lifestyle of the tools&interval
three&time period Outfitted with the king of air valve “Herbiger” computerized successful valve they make the tools big capability&comma much more motion&comma high performance&comma long existence service&period
4&period Particular design flywheel&comma V belt generate minimize the running sounds
6&periodCZPT elements undertake two CZPT rolling bearings&comma which make sure the stable operation and drastically minimize the dress in and tear of the bearing&interval

CZPT Particulars&colon CZPT case package
Delivery Depth&colon fifteen operating days

Our Companies
   If the equipment fails due to the quality of the machine during one year&comma we will provide replacement and the repair Free of Charge&period after One Year customer must pay for Spare Parts&comma we will provide long-term technical assistance&interval
Interest&colonWorkers must operate the machines according to the design of the machine&period CZPT CZPTry will not be responsible for accidents which are caused by improper operation of workers&period of time

40bar High Pressure Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor