Air compressor for production of chemical raw materials

Air compressor for production of chemical raw materials

 Chemical Industry

The demands placed on equipment in the chemical industry are particularly high. Toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are frequently a part of the production process.

Maintaining product purity is a must and, there are stringent quality controls in place to ensure manufacturers provide the highest quality chemicals to their customers.

In many applications, compressed air comes into contact with the process it serves, so the quality of that air is critical.

Contaminants, such as oil, in the compressed air supply can result in costly product spoilage and loss of valuable production — which may result in you being unable to supply to your customers on time!

Typical uses of compressed air in the chemical industry include:
Process air— used in direct contact with product for such usages as cleaning, aeration and product moving

Control valves & cylinders— equipment used in the manufacturing process is controlled by compressed air

Material handling— air operated fluid pumping systems are used in volatile environments without the risk of explosion

Nitrogen generation  — air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen used in a variety of chemical applications

Air curtains  — to create a safe and clean area

Product drying — air is mixed with product to accelerate drying processes

To meet the exacting standards of the industry, we have developed an innovative range of oil-free machines to ensure an efficient and reliable supply of high quality air.