Glass Blowing Industry

Air Compressor for Glass Industry

Air compressors are used in many industries around the world. The function of an air compressor is to convert power into potential energy and store it in pressurized air.

Air compressors are one of the most critical media in the glass industry. It is used for many purposes. It is used for workshop activities such as production lines and raw material lines. The main uses of air compressors in the glass industry are combustion, medium transportation, instrument operation, and equipment gas supply.

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Applications of Air Compressor in Glass Industry

Air compressors have many applications in the glass industry. Some of the most critical applications include:


The air compressor is mainly used to assist the combustion of molten glass in the furnace for production. It is used to atomize the media for maximum combustion and to eliminate residues in idle oil. This protects the cavity from cooling throughout the fire change.

Medium Transport

Air compressors are used to transport and spray coke powder in the pipeline. For example, ultrafine powder is collected from one workshop to another via pipes to improve reliability and speed and reduce transportation costs. It also mitigates the environmental impact of ultrafine dust dispersion during transport.

Equipment Implementation Gas

Air compressors are an integral part of various pneumatic equipment in the glass industry, including operating air sources, ball valve operating air sources, and other equipment such as cameras and lens cooling.

Environmental Dust Removal System

The air compressor is essential for backwashing the filter element (dust removal equipment). This can include dust collectors, self-cleaning air filters, etc. It is used in semi-dry desulfurization systems to filter particulate matter from the air.

Bottle Blowing

Molten glass is shaped with the help of an air compressor. During the forming process, air is blown onto the glass under high pressure and forms the shape. However, both require compressed air supplied, filtered and dried by an air compressor.

Air Compressor Issues in Glass Industry

Air compressors play a vital role in the glass industry. Although, these air compressors face some common problems in the industry daily. Some frequently asked questions include:


Centrifugal compressors are inefficient.
Inefficiency – This is usually caused by an inaccurate control system configuration.
High inlet temperature – this is affected by the location of the compressor chamber.
Legacy Pipeline – This happens when add-ons are added over time.
Production meter leaks.
Compressed air is wasted during maintenance.
Misuse of Air Compressors

Compressed Air in the Process of Glass Manufacturing

Compressed air plays a significant role in glass manufacturing and is used in several steps. 

The Ingredients

Making glass requires a lot of raw materials, including sand, limestone, and soda ash. The raw materials are mixed at high temperatures and concentrated in several chambers for proper mixing. The air compressor delivers the mixture precisely from one chamber to the other. This process takes about three days.

The Melting Stage

The melting stage requires about ten hours of raw material in the furnace. During this step, the air compressor is essential to ensure that the mixture stays intact on the stove. It provides correct rendering.


At this stage, the raw material is given the shape of the container with the help of an air compressor. These containers are then layered with thin tin to finish them perfectly.

The Cool-Down

During the cooling process, compressed air reduces the temperature to a level where the glass is easy to render. Glass production plants can use rotary air compressors to provide blowers with the highest speed and efficiency.


The glass is cut into small pieces – these pieces are lifted onto the conveyor belt with the help of pneumatic suction arms. These glasses are used for doors and windows, and other designs are made upon request.

Common Equipment for the Glass Applications

The demand in the glass industry is increasing day by day. With large-scale applications, air compressors aid in mixing, pneumatic actuators, conveying material forming, cooling, glass blowing, forming, and more.

For the production of bottles or flat glass, air compressors play an important role at every step. From moving raw material in a chamber to giving it its perfect shape – the process requires an air compressor. Air compressors used in the glass industry are essential and require frequent maintenance. The compressor needs to be up to date and well constructed.

If compressed air is used in the glass industry, we recommend a 100% oil-free air compressor with an air dryer and filter.

Oil-lubricated air compressors with refrigerated air dryers and filters can be an option if you’re on a budget, but oil-free air compressors not only produce high-quality, oil-free, clean air for a long time, but they also require less maintenance. Energy costs are also lower.

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