Industrial Electric Stationary Direct Driven Single Screw Air Compressor

Product: DC-30A
Totally free air delivery: 3.6m3/min
Operating stress: 8bar
CZPT air finish rotor lobe: 5:six
Model of screw air finish: CZPT ZheJiang  AB+ sequence with 6 pcs SKF bearings
Handle: Mircro PLC controller
CZPTn: direct coupling
CZPT: by air
CZPTtric motor: 30hp 22kW 380V/3PH/50HZ,IP54 safety amount
Discharge temperature: less than ambient +eight ºC
Sound: less than sixty eight dB(A)
Air outlet dimensions: G1″
Dimension: 1330*830*1265mm
Fat: 400kg
Warranty: 24 months for the screw air conclude,twelve months for the entire established compressor apart from air filter,oil filter and oil/air separator.
Shipping time: 25 times soon after getting deposit.


Positive aspects

Air finish
1.SAP variety line to optimize the screw compression efficiency Related products save much more than 5%
2.Higher machining precision, minimal vibration of main machine and lower noise
3.CZPTed Countrywide Degree 1 CZPT Efficiency Regular.

one.Productive design, SKF bearings, guarantee the prolonged lifestyle of the motor.
2.IP54 secured entirely enclosed motor, fret-free in severe conditions run.
3.Regular phase sequence defense to avert reversal.

Large Contact Grasp Controller
one.Matching inverter distinctive customization.
2.Lcd Chinese and English swap show.
3.Abundant self-diagnostic features these kinds of as fault alarm, routine maintenance reminder, computerized shutdown, and many others.
four.Clock function, can established timing switch.
five.Multiple sign outputs: RS485 port.

one.ABB / Siemens model vector manage frequency conversion technique, frequency conversion response pace is faster.
2.Continuous pressure output to get rid of stress fluctuation and off-load.
three.Constant temperature output at nine~85°C, Low starting existing to protect components,fifteen% strength-saving.

Pre-filter CZPT
one.Unique pre-filter cover layout to hold the inside of of the device clear and lengthen the upkeep cycle.
2.Simple to disassemble and clean, and can be reused.

Productive CZPT Program
1.Adopting massive-measurement higher-effectiveness cooler to cope with harsh working problems.
two.Adopt unbiased large supporter merged with oil cooling program, reduced temperature and much more steady.

CZPTtrical Method
one.Standardized layout, safe and trustworthy.
2.Professional wiring interface,the wiring is realistic, basic, obvious and effortless to preserve.,
three.Schneider and Siemens are outfitted with a collection of large-level elements, and their safe use is certain for a extended time.

Immediate CZPT one immediate generate, stable and successful.
two.Adopts far more experienced break up-variety direct push, which is much more trustworthy and less difficult to preserve than integrated drive.
three.CZPTed model, massive measurement coupling to make sure the lengthy existence of the drive method.

For some regions with poor functioning circumstances such as higher temperature and substantial humidity,large-location plate heat exchangers and substantial-effectiveness air coolers are utilised.

Exhaust pipe
The exhaust pipe adopts double-layer bellows,and the oil passage adopts unique temperature resistance of a hundred twenty five °C large-pressure hose.

CZPT Parameters:

Product Discharge Stress Discharge Air Quantity Motor Power Dimension(mm) Discharge Pipc.Dia Device Weight
SEF350Z .8MPa 10.0m³/min 55KW 1900X1270X1570 1X2″ 1560KG
one.0MPa 9.0m³/min
1.3MPa seven.8m³/min
SEF460Z .8MPa 13m³/min 75KW 1900X1270X1570 1X2″ 1731KG
one.0MPa eleven.8m³/min
one.3MPa nine.6m³/min
SEF565Z .8MPa sixteen.0m³/min 90KW 2620X1670X1800 1X2″ 2260KG
one.0MPa fourteen.2m³/min
one.3MPa twelve.2m³/min
SEF710Z .8MPa 20.5m³/min 110KW 2620X1670X1800 1X2″ 2770KG
one.0MPa seventeen.8m³/min
1.3MPa 15.5m³/min
SEF780Z .8MPa 23.5m³/min 132KW 2620x1670x1800 1×2″ 2926KG
one.0MPa twenty.5m³/min
one.3MPa seventeen.0m³/min
SEF1060Z .8MPa 30.0m³/min 160KW 3070X2140X2130 DN80 4100KG
one.0MPa 26.0m³/min
1.3MPa 22.0m³/min
SEF1165Z .8MPa 32.0m³/min 185KW 3070X2140X2130 DN80 4400KG
one.0MPa 28.5m³/min
one.3MPa 25.0m³/min
SEF1270Z .8MPa 35.0m³/min 200KW 3420X2220X2130 DN100 5200KG
1.0MPa 31.0m³/min
1.3MPa 27.0m³/min
SEF1420Z .8MPa 41.0m³/min 250KW 3420x2220X2130 DN100 5300KG
one.0MPa 39.0m³/min
1.3MPa 35.0m³/min
SEF1765Z .8MPa 50m³/min 280KW 4200X2380X2550 DN125 5600KG
one.0MPa 42m³/min
SEF1980Z .8MPa 56m³/min 315KW 4200X2380X2550 DN125 7980KG
one.0MPa 50m³/min
1.3MPa 43m³/min
SEF2190ZW .8MPa 63m³/min 355KW 3690X2350X2150 DN125 7350KG
one.0MPa 55m³/min
1.3MPa 47m³/min
SEF2580ZW .8MPa 73m³/min 400KW 4070X2300X2250 DN150 8100KG
1.0MPa 63m³/min
one.3MPa 53m³/min
SEF2860ZW .8MPa 81m³/min 450KW 4070X2300X2250 DN150 8500KG
one.0MPa 71m³/min
one.3MPa 60m³/min
SEF3145ZW .8MPa 89m³/min 500KW 4300X2350X2150 DN150 9000KG
one.0MPa 79m³/min
one.3MPa 67m³/min
SEF3530ZW .8MPa 100m³/min 560KW 5000X2350X2150 DN200 10000KG
SEF3885ZW .8MPa 110m³/min 630KW 5000X2350X2150 DN200 11000KG


1.The brand energy,reliable quality, steady overall performance.
   The severe thermal equilibrium serviceability can promise that the machine perform properly under substantial temperature environment  (≤40ºC)

2.Special patent style, light-weight load startup technique

three.Successful cooling program, divided into a few areas: water- cooled ,mid- cold, oil chilly, which make certain the reliable procedure of diesel engine, and it truly is suited for substantial temperature working setting

four.Unbiased research and growth of the reverse doorway style, rational structure, which is effortless to do normal maintenace ,with positive aspects of the fixed and moveable compressor

5.A solitary position lifting, forklift gap unit, equipped with drag ring.It is suited for repair auto transport, easy to transfer and installation of the unit

6.Watertight and dustproof design and style, which is appropriate for outside tough doing work surroundings

seven.In accordance to customer demands, the heating boiler and remote components is available for cold starting up

Product Apps:


Our employees pack the tested CZPTs in wood circumstances. Right after the packaging is completed, the CZPT will be transported to the port and then shipping to the planet.

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1.Pre-sale service:

Act as a good adviser and assistant of clientele enable them to get prosperous and generous returns on their investments . 
1.Decide on gear model.
two.Design and manufacture goods in accordance to client’s specific requirement  
3.Teach technological personnel for consumers .

two.Solutions for the duration of the sale:

1.Pre-verify and accept goods forward of shipping .
two. Help clients to draft fixing strategies .

3.Right after-sale solutions:

Give considerate companies to decrease clients’ problems.
one.CZPT Right after-sales support,professional engineers obtainable to support machinery at property or oversea.
2. 24 hours complex support by e-mail.
3.Other important technological support.

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Industrial Electric Stationary Direct Driven Single Screw Air Compressor