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Everpower-CMN air compressor was introduced by the high technology of France B. Zimmem’s single screw air compressor principle and became the first manufacturer of single screw air compressors in China to adopt water as a cooling and lubrication medium in the air compressors; the products are divided six main series including water-lubrication air screw compressors(oil-free); micro oil screw air compressors; 40bar medium pressure two stage water-lubrication screw air compressors(fat-free); 40bar medium pressure two stage micro oil screw air compressors; scroll air compressors(fat-free) and special requirement and process gas screw air compressors. Among them, The 40bar (4.0MPa) screw air compressor and 1.25Mpa oil-free scroll air compressors are the pioneer innovation in the world.

With strong technical capacity, advancing manufacture, and testing equipment, we execute strictly ISO9001 quality management system in our workshop; all our products have gotten CE certification, and the oil-free series air compressors have passed the German authority’s TUV Class 0 testing. Our professional team is keeping to carry out research and development on the compressor energy-saving technology, we had a lot of china domestic and worldwide patents.

The Everpower-CMN air compressors will be your best choice.


Everpower-CMN are a manufacturer of air compressors in China manufacturer, screw air compressors in China supplier, oil-free air compressor manufacturers, high-pressure suppliers, china water lubrication manufacturers, screw, China suppliers, lower noise, and China manufacturers. We welcome all customers to contact us and work together to establish a good Relationship.

Screw compressor manufacturer of high-end domestic concentrate on internal water cooling and lubrication, and leading the worldwide within the exclusive high-pressure stage screw compressor, a conventional pressure is 4.0Mpa, now up to 10.0Mpa. The company produces screw Air compressors with investors to save energy. Meanwhile, injected screw compressor volumetric efficiency ratio, high temperature, durable, energy-saving effect is apparent.

A company adhering to the management objective of quality first, prestige supreme in line with a realistic and innovative spirit, according to the customer’s requirements as a standard of quality, adopting scientific management pattern, forms a complete set of perfect quality management system high-quality products, prompt delivery time, make every customer satisfaction which is our eternal commitment.

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Air compressor workshop pic
Air compressors workshop pic

Scroll air compressor workshop

Scroll air compressor workshop
Scroll air compressors workshop
scroll air compressor workshop
scroll air compressors workshop


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