Air compressor for Hyperbaric oxygen chamber in hospital

Air compressor for Hyperbaric oxygen chamber in hospital


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the treatment of pure oxygen in the environment of more than one atmosphere of pressure called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Ordinary oxygen inhalation is in an atmospheric pressure environment, and the inhalation is not pure oxygen. The oxygen concentration and pressure are small and there is no effect of hyperbaric oxygen. The commonly used pressure unit in clinical practice is absolute pressure.

Hospitals that rely on compressed air for treatment cannot compromise on air purity because any pollution can endanger the lives and health of the patient

Must reduce noise, and device size

Typical uses of compressed air in the Hospitals   industry include:

Oxygen supply equipment— Provides high purity air

Gas supply equipment— Provides efficient exhaust efficiency

Air curtains — to create a safe and clean area

We strive to ensure air quality and provide patients with a better medical environment and bring about good results together.

When you choose an oil-free compressor from Ever-Power, you don’t only get the benefits of a guaranteed, clean air supply Our oil-free technologies also bring with them significant energy savings and environmental benefits so are becoming a preferred choice for operators keen to improve their carbon footprint.