Air compressor for medical industry

Air compressor for medical industry

Medical Industry

A sterile environment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. So when it comes to compressed air, only oil-free will do.

Any contaminates in compressed air, such as oil, can cause process disruptions, production shutdowns, and expensive product recalls – not to mention the cost to company reputation. So manufacturers can take no chances, demanding the highest quality of air at all times… without question.

Typical uses of compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry include:
Process air— air used in direct contact with products for cleaning, aeration and product moving

Control valves & cylinders — to control equipment used in the manufacturing process

Material handling — Fluid pumping systems are operated by compressed air in volatile environments without the risk of explosion

Nitrogen generation  — air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen

 Air curtains n— air is used as a curtain to create a safe and clean area

Product drying — air is mixed with products to accelerate the drying process.

In addition to the requirement for high quality oil-free air, manufacturers need to reduce their cost of operations and increase efficiency in order to improve their bottom line.