Air compressor for organic fertilizer production

Air compressor for organic fertilizer production

Extractive Industry

Organic fertilizers are produced by chemical reactions. Under high-intensity air, they must be rapidly reacted to produce the corresponding raw materials for further production until organic fertilizers are produced.

The air compressor used to compress the air oil content must not exceed 7ppm, oil and water separation cooling the compressed air, so that the separation of the oil be excluded.

Require air compressors to focus on energy saving and emission reduction

Typical uses of compressed air in the Extractive industry include:
Separating equipment— High-purity separation and purification of compressed air oil

Gas supply equipment —Ability to rapidly provide a large amount of high-purity air to react chemicals to increase production efficiency

Material handling — Fluid pumping systems are operated by compressed air in volatile environments without the risk of explosion

Nitrogen generation  — air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen

 Cooling & heating— air is used in a vortex tube to create high volumes of hot and cold air for industrial heating and cooling processes

Cleaning — air is used for cleaning processes in manufacturing facilities

In addition to the requirement for high quality oil-free air, manufacturers need to reduce their cost of operations and increase efficiency in order to improve their bottom line.