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Oil-free screw air compressor
oil-free screw air compressor china

100% oil-free compressed air, 100% pure compressed air, 100% compression system without oil pollution risk

Micro-oil screw air compressor
oil screw air compressor china

The host never oil.Power consumption,the same power production capacity of more than 10%,direct power more than 10%

High-pressure micro-oil screw air compressor
screw air compressor china

World first high pressure two stage screw air compressor air end
Touch screen control operation system

medium preseeure oil free screw air compressor
medium preseeure oil free screw air compressor

Energy saving more than 30% without any vibration,lower noise. No wearing parts,maintenance period more than 5 years.

Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor
Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

High precision & inventive design air-end, longer service time and 2 years warranty. Using permanent magnet motor...

Vehicle Mounted Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor
scroll air compressors china

Super quiet design. Sumple and convenient. Air-end set can be match with any devices which need compressed air...

CMT series of special, process gas compressor
CMT series of special, process gas compressor

In all areas of the national economy, there are a variety of flammable and explosive, corrosion, toxic and harmful gas compression...

Micro heat regenerative adsorption drying machine
Micro heat regenerative adsorption drying machine

The principle of voltage transformation adsorption and regeneration cycle, adopt external...


industrial gas compressor

Corrosion-resistant gases can be compressed by the corrosion resistance of stainless steel mains

Adsorption dryer

The moisture in the compressed air is absorbed by the inherent affinity of the ...

Freeze dryer

The temperature of the compressed air is reduced to the dew point ...

Gas tank

Stainless steel gas tank


Precision filter

Precision filter series


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